Verifying Producers
JustCarbon will require all producers wishing to tokenise their credits to provide evidence of their projects and current Registry accounts with the platform’s selected certification standards and methodologies. This means that they will have already been through a rigorous KYC process and be generating credits that can be converted into JustCarbon Removal Units (JCRs). Only at this point will they be able to set up an account and subsequently transfer issued credits into JCRs for sale.

Selection Criteria

In order to ensure that JCRs always meet the latest expert perspective on credibility and use for offsets, JustCarbon will tokenise nature-based credits that meet the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM) Core Carbon Principles or global schemes deemed to have equivalence and are generated from sequestration activities only. This governance will be reviewed periodically to ensure any challenges to the credibility of JustCarbon-approved governance bodies can be considered and taken into account.
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