The infrastructure for both the JCGs and JCRs will be developed by strategic partners, Chintai. Chintai is a Singapore based blockchain technology company backed by leading investment firms in the blockchain industry. Their comprehensive blockchain solution is built for digital assets. Key components of capital markets infrastructure are integrated to maximise efficiency throughout the trade life cycle of assets and offer ease of use for businesses. This platform includes dynamic digital asset issuance, secondary market trading, and a compliance framework that enables regulatory controls to be customised based on jurisdiction and a given asset class. Chintai blockchain products and services are built to be institutional-grade, which offers a user experience similar to traditional centralised applications. The team is led by financial industry veterans, engineers, blockchain technology specialists and security experts.
Chintai is applying for financial licensing from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and has partnerships with license holders in multiple jurisdictions globally, which provides JustCarbon with the additional flexibility required as the market scales, and allows the platform to handle any and all regulatory challenges in the future.

Integrity & Security

Chintai work to the highest levels of security, including:
  • Military grade encryption used to store private data and protect users confidentiality
  • User-owned private keys prevent wide scale breaches
  • Multi-layer authentication reduces risks of individual account hacks and social engineering scams
  • Permissioning system allows roles and permissions, including multi-signature permission structures for account usage
  • Blockchain technology guarantees integrity and authenticity of transactions
  • Scalable architecture prevents communication interruption attacks

Performance Features

Another reason for choosing Chintai is their high quality performance, ideal for facilitating a liquid marketplace and exchange. Features include:
  • Size: Blockchain technology is capable of handling over 10,000 transactions per second
  • Scalability: Scalable infrastructure allows low latency transactions, and rapid access to systems
  • Speed: Transaction confirmation and clearing within half a second
  • Energy-efficiency: The Chintai protocol is roughly 17,000x more efficient than POW networks such as Ethereum
  • Best-in-class User Experience (UX): Account recovery features prevent loss or theft of blockchain private keys
  • Simple integration into User Interface (UI): Wallet-less access to blockchain allows for a seamless interface
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