Our Manifesto
The climate crisis requires everyone, in whatever walk of life or role, to apply their knowledge and expertise to reduce and remove carbon emissions.
We are JustCarbon. We’re helping solve the climate crisis by bringing greater scale and easier access to funding credible climate action.
We aim to mobilise billions of dollars to permanently sequester gigatonnes of carbon in our forests, grasslands, wetlands and oceans.
We will do this by applying technology to link finance with robustly designed and measured, nature-based projects, that maintain or add new sequestration capacity to the planet’s ecosystems.
Why ‘Just’ Carbon?
  • We focus on what is most important - robustly measured carbon - without favouritism or penalty for what is most fashionable on any given day.
  • We believe in the importance of a ‘Just Transition’ to a low carbon economy: only projects that meet rigorous safeguarding and sustainable development principles are accepted.
  • We know that a democratised system can most fairly allocate resources and make decisions in the collective interest: Our platform was designed to be governed by its users.
Significantly greater investment is needed into Nature Based Solutions. Incredible work has been done to create rules and accounting methodologies that can support investment into climate change mitigation, however, progress has been held back by the unnecessarily complex and opaque process of transacting in the outcomes of these activities.
Just Carbon’s unique approach is to create an ecosystem for trading that is fit for purpose, for both buyers and sellers: one that is not owned or controlled by any one group, ideology or region. Our DAO-based approach means that the market manages and maintains rigourous rules that can evolve as the market matures. By using the best - and most energy efficient - blockchain solution, we enable simple and secure access to a market with transparent pricing on multiple exchanges, delivering unsurpassed liquidity.
Just Carbon will enable project developers to sell directly into the market, making judgements about the best price for them to continue investing. Buyers know that they are procuring the highest quality offsets at the market rate, in turn enabling them to plan and hedge the cost of their climate commitments for the long term.
Join us today, to scale-up the carbon markets and solve the climate crisis.
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