About JustCarbon

JustCarbon will become a highly sophisticated carbon marketplace where organisations and individuals can offset their carbon emissions with the purchase of verified Carbon Tokens. JustCarbon will only purchase carbon credits from the producers that have been verified to the highest standards by a recognised verifier. Everything will be built on the JustCarbon platform and blockchain. Buyers, Consumer or Wholesalers, will be able to retire, sell or purchase more Carbon Tokens, offsetting their historic or future carbon impact. The platform will be administered by governance token holders to ensure this is truly a marketplace for the people and the planet. With highly respected and influential contributors, JustCarbon is looking to change the landscape of the current carbon marketplace for the better.

Team Biographies

Adrian Rimmer
  • Partner and sustainability lead at Finsbury Glover Hering, working with clients worldwide to help them understand the complex ESG landscape, then design, implement and communicate credible sustainability strategies.
  • Spent the last 15+ years at the forefront of sustainability and ESG, driving commercial innovation in the private sector and international institutions. Is an active participant in the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets and UK Voluntary Carbon Market Initiative.
  • Senior Advisor for Green & Sustainable Finance for the London Stock Exchange Group’s Capital Markets business, where he led a strategic initiative to define and scale-up its Sustainable Finance offering, including the development of ESG engagement tools for listed companies; the ‘Green Economy Mark’ equity classification for companies and funds; and the Sustainable Bond Market.
  • Former CEO of international certification body Gold Standard, Adrian led the development of robust governance for carbon markets and impact finance that supported the deployment of millions of dollars into clean technologies, sustainable land-use and UN Sustainable Development Goals in over 50 countries.
  • Former President of the Climate Markets & Investment Association, a global industry body for companies active in climate finance and carbon markets.
  • Established ABN AMRO’s Environmental Markets business in 2006, bringing together the bank’s full suite of green products into an integrated offering.
  • Formerly Director in The Royal Bank of Scotland’s corporate finance team, with a focus on renewable energy and cleantech.
Ravi A. Bahadursingh
  • Principal of the law firm of Chancery Lane Chambers in Anguilla.
  • Graduate of Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and holds an LLM in International Economic Law from Warwick University (England).
  • Utter Barrister of Grey’s Inn (London) and has over 25 years of legal experience in cross border litigation and advice in the areas of corporate, commercial and financial law.
  • Professionally involved in some of the earliest financial cryptography efforts in the early 2000s (Digigold) and is the co-draftsman of the Anguilla Utility Token Offering Act and the recently published Anguilla Utility Tokens Exchange Act.
  • Currently sits on the Anguilla Digital Ledger Technology Committee and acts as a private consultant on several blockchain projects.
Sebastian Stephens
  • A successful serial entrepreneur and early Internet pioneer.
  • Built Wisper, what was at the time Europe’s largest private data network, through 18 countries, which was sold to Cable & Wireless in 1999.
  • In 2000, moved to the Caribbean and spent 8 years building the Southern Caribbean Fibre Network.
  • Founded SubSea in 2009, then subsequently SubSea Environmental Services, a recycling business buying, collecting and recycling out-of-service undersea cables.
Daniel Harris
  • An entrepreneur and artist.
  • Founder launch team member and project manager of eosDAC, first DAO on the EOS blockchain in 2018 – airdropped tokens to EOS wallets.
  • Co-founder and CEO of Cerbernet, an ISP in 1995, and sold for £4M GBP in 2000.
  • Founder and CEO of Kendraio, an interoperability advocacy nonprofit, raised €1.5M over 20 years; now building a configurable data browser app.
  • CEO of Freewheelers, a travel matching service, enabled for lift-sharing.
  • Operations Director at Chant (aka Balance) from 2018.
Russell Parsons
  • Founder and active shareholder of Profusion Media: Data Science and Digital Marketing company headquartered in London.
  • Co-Founder and active shareholder of Subsea Environmental Services: undersea cable recovery and reprocessing business operations headquartered in New York.
  • Co-Founder of Wisper: International internet backbone company that sold to Cable and Wireless in 1999.
  • Formerly held Directorships in UK property fund management group and several international property development companies.
Don Comrie
  • A serial entrepreneur and inventor.
  • Don has founded and has served as CEO of three companies and served on the Board of Directors of Subsea Cable.
  • Primary focus for the past two decades has been the biopharmaceutical industry developing predictive models and measures to assay the commercial risk of developing novel compounds and biological agents for the management of diseases of the central nervous system.
  • Designed and managed clinical trials across 80 countries for more than a dozen novel compounds. He was granted US patents in cognition and neurological diagnostics. His peer-reviewed publications can be found in Neurosurgery, Journal of Neurosurgery, and JAMA Pediatrics.
  • Conferred MBA and BA degrees from Columbia University, New York, NY.
John Auckland
  • An experienced entrepreneur and public speaker; John sold his first company before aged 30.
  • Founder of global crowdfunding agency, TribeFirst.
  • Founder of GreenTribe Fund, a seed stage ESG fund.
  • Virgin StartUp’s crowdfunding trainer and Virgin StartUp Ambassador.
  • John has helped over 90 companies raise more than £50m.
Kim Phillips
  • Kim has 10+ years’ experience in the events and marketing industries.
  • A former director of an events agency.
  • Worked as the lead Communication and Engagement Manager for digital at Dorset CCG.
Gavin W H Anderson
  • Gavin started his digital career on the APRA net pre windows
  • Worked on go market for Apple Newton/Microsoft Office/ Lotus Notes
  • A multi award winning and firsts in online engagement, and apps
  • Writes and investor in Ai/ML
  • Brand, UX and Design thinking expert
Chad Williams
  • Co-founder and CIO/COO of a boutique agile business transformation business based in South Africa
  • Only SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) and responsible for certification of 1200+ agile practitioners on 4 continents.
  • Executive coach and consultant for digital and agile business transformations at several blue-chip international organisations, predominantly in the finance sector.
  • Design thinking (and teaching) entrepreneur with a passion for blockchain solutions that solve ESG problems.
  • Avid environmentalist and permaculture enthusiast.
Juan Puente
  • Juan is an Economist and has postgraduate studies at IESE (University of Navarra).
  • An Internet Pioneer who has been developing innovative businesses for 25 years in different sectors.
  • IP Telco. Founded and / or directed the main Spanish-speaking Internet Exchange Points (IX) where Telcos and content providers exchange IP traffic.
  • Social Media: managed multi million users communities.
  • Circular economy: Co-founded an environmental initiative (Subsea Environmental Services) that has extracted more than 45,000 tons of material (plastics and metals) from the ocean that have been reintroduced into the production cycle.
  • Worked with Sebastian Stephen and Russell Parsons for over 25 years.


AMM Automated Market Maker
CDM Clean Development Mechanism
CDR Carbon Dioxide Removal
CER Certified Emissions Reduction
JCG JustCarbon Governance Unit
CO2 Carbon Dioxide
JCR JustCarbon Removal Unit
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
DAC Direct Air Capture
DAO Decentralised Autonomous Organisation
ESG Environmental, Social and Governance
ETS Emission Trading Scheme
IMF International Monetary Fund
KYC Know your customer
NDC Nationally determined contributions
NGO Non-Government Organisation
OTC Over The Counter
TSVCM Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets
UI User Interface
UX User Experience
VCM Voluntary Carbon Market
VCS REDD+ Verified Carbon Standard
VER Verified Emission Reductions
WBCSD World Business Council for Sustainable Development